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Nobody gives you freedom, if you’re a biker, you take it

A motorcycle is the universal symbol of independence and freedom

Imagine if everywhere you went, you had to wait in line. Imagine going to the supermarket and having to walk in a single file down the aisles. Imagine just how frustrating and slow that would feel.


That is what driving a car feels like to someone who rides a motorbike. On a bike you glide past Malta’s slow-moving traffic, you go straight to the front of the line at any traffic light, and you can move completely unrestricted around the island. That’s freedom.

Riding a motorcycle brings a sense of calm and easy to your mind and body

Ask any biker how they relax and unwind, and their answer will always be “go for a ride”. In life, you may find yourself in various situations which may affect your mood and behaviour. When riding a motorcycle, you are in close contact with the environment around you, your senses are heightened, and everything seems to be more intense.


Riding a motorbike requires a level of concentration that pushes out all other thoughts, achieving a zen-like calm. It has the power to take away all the tension and stress, like you have rebooted your system, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed after each ride.

The amazing experience that comes with an open-air ride is second to none

Nobody gives you freedom, if you’re a biker, you take it - bike world malta

The kind of freedom you enjoy while you ride makes you appreciate the little things around you or in your life. It lets you know that you are part of those things that make your life simple, interesting, enjoyable, and fulfilling.


Most importantly, the freedom derived from riding motorcycles can have a positive impact on your interaction with those around you. Show up somewhere on your bike and you will be pleasantly surprised with the new friendships you make.


The sense of freedom feels complete on two wheels, and riding doesn’t transport you to a destination; it is the destination.

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