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Whether you’re looking to purchase a battery-powered motorcycle for your work commute, or need a fleet of zero-emission bikes for your business, Silence or TiSTO has you covered!

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Electric Scooters


Specialising in electric motorbikes, we’ve made it our mission to help steer the change to greener, cleaner and more effective modes of transport in Malta.

We believe commuters can save time, money and hassle by switching to an electric motorbike or motorcycle, beating traffic, dodging parking problems, and helping the environment by keeping their journeys quick, quiet, and emissions-free.

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One-Stop Solution

Make the shift

BikeWorld will help make the shift as easy as possible with a great range of affordable products from the best and most renowned motorbike and motorcycle brands all under one roof.

Our leading scooter brands Silence and TiSTO are perfect for individuals and companies seeking a practical, low-cost, high-quality mode of transport, while our SMK and SPIDI helmets and apparel offer unrivalled protection and security as you ride.

Join the electric motorcycle revolution today and transform the way you travel.

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Easy parking


Beat traffic

Save time

r a c i n g
Manufactured in Spain


Produced by one of the leading electrical vehicle specialists in Europe and the only one to manufacture its own batteries, Silence motorcycles offer a stylish, smart and premium approach to urban mobility.

Silence accessories
Silence S01 Malta

Silence gives you



A range of up to 133km on a single charge



A top speed of up to 100 km/hour,



Rapid acceleration of 0-50km/hour in just 3.9 seconds

This means you can be assured of a speedy, smooth and comfortable ride with no noise, stress or vibrations.

The best Battery Pack


The sleek design and three convenient driving modes make Silence electric motorbikes the perfect modern solution to your mobility needs.

The revolutionary be-power battery pack can be easily detached for quick and comfortable charging in any socket, while also providing power for your devices on the go.

And with the integrated Silence mobile app, you will know where your motorcycle is at all times, can check battery power and other important data remotely, and can automatically open the seat compartment, plan your route, find out your carbon footprint and more.


twist & go

Simple, conventional controls, spacious storage and a comfortable riding position


Sleek design

Stand out from the crowd with a distinctive, sharp look


Long range

Up to 133 kilometres on a single charge



Compact electric motor delivers top speed of up to 100 km/hour and rapid acceleration of 0-50km/hour in just 3.9 seconds


Powerful Performance

Equipped with a 7kW motor which reaches 9kW at peak torque


Stay connected

Silence mobile app puts information and features in the palm of your hand when you’re on the go.


Reverse Gear

Silence scooters are the only ones to feature a reverse gear, offering full manoeuvrability


Trolley Battery

Simply roll out, plug-in and charge to any 3-pin socket

t i s t o
Safe and reliable


TiSTO produces a range of intelligent high-performance electric motorcycles, each 100% checked according to European quality standards. With a stylish vintage-inspired design and modern features, the range of TiSTO electric scooters is the perfect solution for getting where you need to go as simply, quickly and conveniently as possible, with a range of up to 130 kilometres and a top speed of up to 75 kilometres/hour.


Tisto gives you



A range of up to 130 kilometres on a single charge



A top speed of up to 100 km/hour.



Ensure your electric scooter that reflects who you are

This means you can be assured of a speedy, smooth and comfortable ride with no noise, stress or vibrations.

intelligent high-performance electric scooters


TiSTO uses high-quality lithium-ion batteries, which combine great range and a long lifespan with safety and reliability, ensuring top performance. The batteries can be easily removed and replaced for quick, convenient and effective charging at home.

TiSTO electric motorcycles come in a range of colours and customisation options allowing you to make your new electric motorbike your own. You’ll also get a range of special features including keyless start systems, acoustic vehicle location, alarm systems, and USB charging for your mobile devices while you ride.

quick & convenient

Simple, compact and perfectly designed for urban commuting

Stylish design

Classic styles and modern twists for a unique, eye-catching look

Modern features

Keyless start systems, acoustic vehicle location, USB charging and more.

High quality features

Long-lasting battery delivers a range of up to 130 kilometres and quick convenient charging in any socket

Powerful & Lightweight

Top speed of up to 75 km/hour and rapid acceleration in a compact, lightweight package

Make it your own

Plenty of colour and customisation options to ensure an electric scooter that reflects who you are

a c c e s s o r i e s


Ensure you’re fully protected to the highest of standards while also feeling stylish and comfortable with our range of motorcycle apparel and accessories.

We’ve partnered with top brands SMK and SPIDI to provide superior quality helmets, clothing, and accessories for all bikers.

Motorbike apparel


SPIDI is a motorsport lifestyle community of riders, technicians, designers, and professional racers working to perfect a product that represents the highest levels of comfort and safety. Our SPIDI range includes jackets, trousers, gloves, race suits, airbag vests and more, all of which combine safety, comfort, style, and practicality in their design to ensure you feel comfortable and protected every time you gear up to ride.

s a f e t y


SMK helmets are engineered with an uncompromising demand for the highest standards of protection, with cutting-edge safety technology and premium features to ensure comfort whenever you ride. Your helmet is the most essential part of your riding gear, protecting you from serious injury in the case of a crash or accident. Whether you’re looking for a full-face, open-face or modular helmet, our SMK range will meet your needs with designs that will keep you safe when it matters and looking stylish every time.


Cutting-edge safety technology

Ride with peace of mind knowing you’re fully protected to the highest of standards


Stylish and comfortable

Eye-catching designs and premium features so you look and feel your best whenever you ride


Designed by riders

Complete understanding of everything a rider needs and a relentless demand for quality come together in a top-of-the-range product.

b e n e f i t s



Switching to an electric motorcycle is one of the best things you can do to cut your personal carbon footprint, reduce your emissions and make your journeys more environmentally friendly.

The UN estimates that shifting to 90% battery-powered electric motorcycles by 2030 will cut carbon emissions by a whopping 11 billion tons from now to 2050!

And as the electrical grid gets cleaner and more efficient, your electric motorcycle will only get greener as the years go on.

Cheap to run

One of the biggest selling-points for most people: riding an electric motorcycle can save you a lot of money in the long run.

With a TiSTO or Silence electric scooter, you’ll find yourself drastically cutting the spend on your commute, going further for far less than you could hope for from a weekly fill-up.

The sticker price for a new electric scooter might look the same or even higher than its traditional counterparts, but factor in the running costs and the various incentive schemes for electric vehicles, and making the switch starts to look like an easy choice.

Low maintenance

Save time and money on maintenance by going electric. With fewer moving parts, there’s less to repair and maintain and less to spend on keeping your bike in top condition.

There’s no battery maintenance, no oil change, no valve adjustment, no need to sync throttle bodies, and no air filter. Even your brake pads are likely to last longer because the electric motor does a lot of the braking.

All of which means more savings, less hassle, and more time to spend enjoying your bike.

Quick and quiet

Quiet in more than just name: with both our Silence and Tisto electric motorcycles, you can look forward to a quiet ride no matter your speed, making them easier on your ears and on everyone around you.

Cut down on your noise pollution, enjoy a more relaxing ride, and stop waking up the whole street when you take your bike out early in the morning.

You won’t be sacrificing speed either. With 100% instant torque, electric motorcycles deliver rapid acceleration that’s hard to match. And being much lighter than fuel-powered bikes, they feel much more agile and zippy on the road.

No parking woes

Malta is notorious for its traffic and parking problems. But with an electric scooter, you won’t need to worry about any of that.

Zip around traffic instead of getting stuck in it, park close to where you need to be instead of spending even more time looking for a suitable spot, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go instead of tired and frustrated.

Glide through traffic, hop off and head right to where you’re going. It really is that simple!

Freedom and relaxation

If you’re not already riding on two wheels, it’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom a motorcycle gives you. Immersing yourself in your surroundings while you drive rather than locking yourself away in a car is difficult to match.

Electric scooters sacrifice none of that freedom, with an extensive range that will comfortably get you all around Malta on a single charge. And don’t forget the ease of use that makes them an even more relaxing option than their traditional counterparts.

electric vehicle grant

Save up to €3,000!

Buying a new electric motorcycle in Malta is now easier and cheaper than ever thanks to a government financial scheme for sustainable transport.

The grant scheme is intended to promote the use of small electric vehicles for urban mobility, reducing traffic on the roads and cutting down on emissions.

When you buy a new electric motorbike – like our range of Silence and TiSTO motorcycles – you can benefit from a grant of €2,000.

What’s more, you can also get an additional grant of €500 if you scrap a motorcycle older than 10 years when you register your new electric motorbike, or a grant of €1,000 if you scrap a car or light van.

Applying for the grant couldn’t be easier, and we’ll guide you through any questions you may have. Start your savings as soon as you buy, and look forward to even more as you ride!

Driving licence to ride a motorcycle in Malta. 

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Clean environment

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commuting with Silence & Tisto.

With a diverse range of battery-powered scooters, all Silence e-motors benefit from a ‘click-and-go’ portable battery system, enabling convenient charging on the go.
The powerful electric motors provide instant torque for smooth effortless acceleration, whilst regenerative braking ensures maximum energy efficiency.




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