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The Electric Scooter Revolution in Malta

The Electric Scooter Revolution in Malta

Innovative and environmentally friendly scooters for your daily commute

The love for two-wheeled transport and the demand for electrically powered vehicles has increased considerably in Malta. Bikeworld is proud to introduce the family of Silence and TiSTO electric scooters to the roads of our beautiful islands.

What are the benefits of an electric scooter?

Today, emissions and congestion are major issues on the Maltese roads. Consumer behaviour and awareness are changing as more people choose to accept alternative and sustainable mobility options. By choosing to drive an electric scooter, you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions, reducing traffic on our heavily congested roads, and saving your valuable time.

Bikeworld’s solution – Silence and TiSTO electric scooters!

Silence, the electric scooter with the best battery pack

With Bikeworld’s introduction of Silence e-scooters, we have found the optimal solution for individuals and companies alike who are looking for a low-cost and high-quality mode of transport.

Born in Barcelona and dedicated to the design and manufacture of smart urban eco-mobility vehicles, Silence is the biggest specialist EV manufacturer in Europe and the only electric motorcycle manufacturer in the region to manufacture its own batteries.


All Silence e-scooters are just like a regular scooter: simple twist-and-go throttle and front and rear brake levers. All models come with a selection of driving modes (ECO, City and added Sport mode on the S01 and S02) as well as reverse gear.


The scooters are powered by a lithium-ion battery system. Its ingenious ‘click-and-go’ release portable battery and innovative trolley system allow charging to take place at any 240V socket – at home, at the office or anywhere else!

Meet the Silence range

  • S01, targeted at urban commuting and everyday trips. It is engineered for the city, with agile performance and ample carry-on space.
  • Upgrade to the S01+, the model with the most top components and a sporty finish.
  • S02LS (low speed), agile, light, and economical. It is ideal for young riders, those who never exceed 45 km/h and the more budget conscious. This all-electric moped sits nicely in the popular 50cc band.
  • S02HS (high speed), the ideal partner for fleets, delivery services and business use. Sitting in the 125cc band, it offers agile performance and has an excellent carrying capability.


The S02 is fully customisable with a wide range of business accessories to suit all needs.


Both the S01 and S02 can be upgraded to the connected version, where you can connect your scooter to your smartphone through the Silence App! The app has several features such as open and locking the seat, locating your scooter, seeing the state of charge of your battery, and following routes through Google Maps.

S03 and S04 coming soon!

S03, three wheels to give a triple boost to your business. A model with the same features as the S02, but with a greater load capacity and stability thanks its two rear wheels. Its features make it the ideal choice for delivery or courier services.


Silence is also exploring the option for a new light and affordable two-seater all-electric nano car. The S04’s condensed size (2.33 metres length and 1.56 metres width) is perfect for zero-emissions city commuting.

Excellent quality and green power with TiSTO

At Bikeworld we believe in a greener future, free of pollution and greenhouse gasses. We want to contribute to revolutionising the motor vehicle business by also introducing TiSTO to our brand list.


TiSTO have assembled a perfect line of electric scooters which provide reliability, efficiency, and a flawless mode of transportation. All e-scooters are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and provide the rider many modern commodities. TiSTO are designed to be practical for delivery applications and to bring joy to all from learners to those who want freedom.

Discover some of the features of TiSTO e-scooters

  • Acoustic vehicle position detection: forget where you parked your bike? simply activate with the key and listen to where you scooter is calling you from.
  • Portable high-performance lithium-ion battery: the portable batteries can be easily removed from the electric scooter and recharged at home. Charging time is only a few hours.
  • Wheel hub motor by Bosch: scooters are equipped with highly efficient and environmentally friendly wheel hub motors from Bosch. They produce no C02 emissions and offer full torque from the start.
  • Bluetooth loudspeakers: thanks to the built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can always listen to your favourite music even while driving.
  • Eco-mode: set your electric scooter to ECO mode for a significantly lower consumption.
  • Keyless start system: inserting the key is not necessary to start your scooter.
  • LCD display: see everything at a glance while driving – speed, battery charge level, and many other features.
  • USB port: charge your mobile device while driving.
  • Handlebar operation: use the controls directly on the steering handle of your electric scooter.
  • Foldable footrest: equipped with an additional foldable footrest for the passenger.
  • Start-up security: when the foot stand is folded out, all functions of the scooter are switched off.
  • LED spotlight: ensuring optimal visibility with the least amount of power.
  • Hydraulic disk brakes: these types of brakes offer improved control and braking power, thus reducing the braking distance.
  • Alarm system: all scooters are equipped with a specially developed acoustic alarm system.

Meet the TiSTO range

  • The LUNA guarantees speed, comfort and most importantly, efficiency. This electro-scooter is the perfect example of a flawless historic design meeting the pollution-free future
  • Equipped with side LED lights and USB ports, the SUNSHINE is the perfect companion for everyone. This is one of our most futuristic models.

Also adaptable for delivery. LUNA, with its thermal technology, can keep food hot or cold for up to ten hours. The boxes are also equipped with LEDs for advertisements.

The interest in sustainability and climate protection is growing

The ever-increasing number of cars leads to enormous pollution through CO² emissions, exhaust fumes and fine dust. Electric scooters are an environmentally friendly alternative: emission-free and quiet. Modern e-scooters offer a completely new driving experience with a positive environmental balance. So, you can move flexibly and quickly and without a guilty conscience.


Electric scooters are also eligible to benefit from the Government’s electric vehicle grant for category L vehicles.


With a one of our electric scooters, you will not only save valuable time in the future – you will also play an important role in environmental and climate protection.


The future is undoubtedly electric – and you too can make your contribution!


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