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E is for Environment and Electric Mobility BikeWorld Malta

E is for Environment and Electric mobility

Electric powered motorbikes have a great advantage over any other transportation vehicle, especially in Malta. They are eco-friendly, help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce traffic.

What are the advantages of electric transport in Malta?

Two-wheeled electric vehicles are an ideal solution for short trips and provide a convenient and enjoyable way to travel. Electric scooters can help reduce your carbon footprint as well as provide other environmental benefits.

Limiting greenhouse gas emissions

The number one benefit of riding an electric scooter is that they have a far smaller carbon footprint. These scooters are powered by a rechargeable battery and produce no tailpipe emissions. Electric motors are over three times more efficient than combustion engines and moving a person on an e-scooter takes a fraction of the energy compared to a car or SUV.


Even if the e-scooter batteries are powered by a grid that relies mostly on fossil fuels, the emissions per kilometre from electricity generation is negligible. The cleaner we obtain electricity, the cleaner the usage of electric scooters will be.

Lowering noise pollution

Another benefit of electric motorcycles is that they’re quiet. Most of the noise on the streets in Malta is related to cars and trucks which have much noisier combustion engines. However, an electric scooter is nearly silent, helping to uncover the true sound of the island.

Reducing traffic

Traffic causes pollution, but did you know that traffic jams cause extra pollution than usual? The slower traffic moves, the more pollution it creates. Every electric scooter means one less car on our roads. The small amount of space taken up by motorcycles means that three bikes can fit in to one car parking space. It’s the difference between getting to work happy and getting to work stressed.

Electric scooters save energy in several innovative ways

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Most scooters are equipped with LED lights that utilize a very low amount of energy to operate their headlights and taillights, saving on battery power.


Scooters also feature regenerative braking which improves the energy efficiency of the bike, prolong the life of the braking system, and enable riders to put in extra kilometres of range back into the battery.


When it comes to repair, electric scooters have fewer parts than their combustion engine equivalents. This means less maintenance overall which is easier on the pocket and a consequently reduced environmental impact.

Electric scooters are at the forefront of green vehicles

Choosing one means you’re doing your part to make Malta more breathable, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and commit to a more efficient form of transportation.

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