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Black Metal From Birmingham

Our original Mutts were a take on classic machinery of the 60s and 70s with styling cues taken from various different bikes of the day, a mixture of all the coolest parts but with our own Mutt styling thrown in – a true Mongrel.
The DRK-01 is different, designed from the ground up with a nod to current custom motorcycle culture but with every single part being undoubtedly Mutt.
Central to the DRK-01’s evolution is its new 6-speed DOHC liquid-cooled engine. This upgrade is a leap forward in performance and reliability, allowing the DRK-01 to unleash its full potential without breaking a sweat.

Liquid Cooled

The power plant of the DRK-01 is our all-new liquid-cooled DOHC 6-speed single-cylinder engine backed up with smooth shifting and ample power to the back wheel via a cush drive.
The DRK-01 is a fiery machine with plenty of get-up-and-go. Ideal for the new rider and the experienced rider who will put that 6-speed box to good use.
This new engine is a finely engineered bit of kit so we have been careful to stay true to Mutt form by keeping it free from unnecessary plastic covers. With an engine that pretty, we’ve been conscious to keep the DRK-01 looking like a motorcycle should look rather than a kettle on wheels.
We have also ensured that the classic frame triangle, synonymous with our existing range, has made its way into the new design too, but with attention to the proportions, slim side panels, and well-placed footrests to make the DRK-01 comfortable for all riders.

Built From The Ground Up

Every part of the DRK-01 has been designed, prototyped and tested by Mutt’s engineers. From the twin downtube cradle frame to those beautiful wheels and everything in between.
The silhouette of the DRK-01 has been carefully considered; from side on, there is a clear line that runs from tip to tail making the bike look fast, even while standing still.
Our ethos remains unchanged, our passion is true and our obsession with crafting beautiful motorcycles built with cool credibility and designed for experienced or new riders alike is still at the forefront.
The DRK-01 is the ultimate Black Metal from Birmingham.

All The Upgrades

We’re not big into draining your pockets for unnecessary upgrades, so all the best parts of the DRK-01 come at no additional cost.
The DRK-01 is loaded with features such as precision machined CNC adjustable levers alongside the full stainless steel exhaust system, CNC head stem nut, CNC shock nuts and bar ends and much, much more
This is the kind of candy you’d usually only see on hand-built custom bikes or as high-priced upgrades from other manufacturers, but in the world of Mutt, custom is not an extra – it’s the standard.

Saw-Tooth Bite

We have designed these hubs and heavy-duty saw-tooth rims specifically for the DRK-01 to enhance the overall chunky feel of the bike. Short stainless steel spokes lace up to the unique 18” saw-tooth Mutt branded rims. The monster 320mm front disc and 240mm rear disc give the wheels an almost solid look that seamlessly flows with the angular bodywork.
The DRK-01 is built to stop as well as it goes; the discs are gripped by a 4-piston front calliper and a 2-piston rear calliper fed via black-coated braided stainless-steel brake lines.
Upping the game in the usual Mutt fashion, unlike many of the DRK-01’s counterparts, this machine runs tubeless deep tread heavy-duty 18” front and rear tyres to give it rock crawler looks but with road-friendly handling. Continuing the heavy-duty vibe, the suspension is handled by large diameter 51mm black inverted forks up front and dual gas shocks on the rear.
Debris from the wide tyres is kept at bay by the DRK-01’s angular mudguards. The front guard is supported by brushed stainless steel brackets and the rear houses an integrated tail light.


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