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Silence S02: Your Gateway to Agile and Economical Commuting in Malta

The Silence S02 fully electric Scooter is the epitome of efficient urban commuting. This two-wheeled wonder offers a harmonious blend of agility and economy, revolutionizing the way you commute.


Agile Marvel


The Silence S02’s agility is its crowning glory. Manoeuvring through narrow streets or winding coastal roads becomes a breeze with its compact design and nimble handling. This electric scooter effortlessly weaves through traffic, ensuring you reach your destination swiftly and without the stress of congestion. The agile nature of the Silence S02 extends to its instant torque delivery, making acceleration a seamless experience.


Economical Efficiency


In a world where sustainability is paramount, the Silence S02 stands out as a champion of eco-conscious commuting. Fully electric and emission-free, this scooter aligns perfectly with Malta’s commitment to a greener future. The cost savings are significant, as the Silence S02 boasts a low energy consumption rate, making it an economical choice for daily commuting.


When purchasing a Silence S02 you can also benefit from a government grant of €2000 and a further €1000 if you scrap a vehicle (€500 if you scrap a motorcycle)



Charging the Silence S02 is a straightforward affair, the portable battery pack gives you the convenience of charging your scooter’s battery at home or at the office. Say goodbye to fuel costs and hello to a wallet-friendly and environmentally responsible mode of transport.


The Silence S02 beckons as a beacon of innovation. Its seamless blend of agility, efficiency, and sustainability make it the ideal companion for navigating the streets of Malta. Embrace Silence S02 and redefine your urban commuting experience—one that’s not only efficient but also echoes the call for a greener and brighter future.


Click here to discover the Silence S02 and book a test ride today.


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