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Whether you’re looking to purchase a battery-powered motorcycle for your work commute, or need a fleet of zero-emission bikes for your business, Tisto has you covered!

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Electric Scooters


TiSTO produces a range of intelligent high-performance electric motorbikes, each 100% certified in line with the highest European quality standards.

Easy to operate yet quick and agile – and equipped with a range of modern features – TiSTO electric motorbikes are perfect for those dipping their toes into electric mobility for the first time, or anyone seeking an easy and economical solution to their daily commute.

Save time and money on your journeys, while doing your part for the environment with zero emissions and a stress-free ride, free from parking and traffic problems.

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One-Stop Solution

Make the shift

With a stylish classic-inspired design and modern features, the range of TiSTO electric motorbikes is the perfect solution for getting where you need to go as simply, quickly and conveniently as possible.

TiSTO uses high-quality lithium-ion batteries, which combine great range and a long lifespan with safety and reliability, ensuring top performance. The batteries can be easily removed and replaced for quick, convenient and effective charging at home.

TiSTO electric scooters come in a range of colours and customisation options, allowing you to make your new electric scooter your own. They also give riders a range of special features, including keyless start systems, acoustic vehicle location, alarm systems, and USB charging for your mobile devices while you travel.


Easy parking


Beat traffic

Save time

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Ready for your daily life


TiSTO produces a range of intelligent high-performance electric motorcycles, each 100% checked according to European quality standards. With a stylish vintage-inspired design and modern features, the range of TiSTO electric scooters is the perfect solution for getting where you need to go as simply, quickly and conveniently as possible, with a range of up to 130 kilometres and a top speed of up to 75 kilometres/hour.

TiSTO Open Week Malta

Tisto gives you



A range of up to 130 kilometres on a single charge



A top speed of up to 75 km/hour


% customisation

Ensure your electric scooter that reflects who you are

This means you can be assured of a speedy, smooth and comfortable ride with no noise, stress or vibrations.

Electric Scooter


With its fun retro design and fabulous range of colours, this zippy electric-scooter promises to make your journeys fun and eco!

The Luna guarantees comfort, speed, and efficiency, and delivers handy features including a keyless start system, an in-built alarm, and USB charging.


Luna e-Scooter


45 km/h


140km Range


3 kW motor


USB charger


Keyless start


Alarm system

r a c i n g
Electric Scooter

Luna 2

Get ready to turn heads as you zoom through the streets on this sporty electric-scooter – the ultimate choice for eco transport that also looks great!

As with all Luna models, this handy vehicle guarantees comfort, speed, and efficiency – as well as fantastic features including a keyless start system, an in-built alarm, and USB charging.


Luna 2


75 km/h


90km range


4 kW motor


Keyless start


USB charging


Alarm system

r a c i n g
Electric Scooter


Fun, futuristic and eco friendly? Luna Sunshine delivers it all – and in dazzling retro style! With its trademark nod to nostalgia, this electric scooter combines the past and future thanks to handy features including a keyless start system, an in-built alarm, and USB charging.




45 km/h


60 km range


3 kW motor


USB charger


alarm system


keyless start

t i s t o
Tisto features

Smart features

Fully kitted out for modern mobility, TiSTO scooters come equipped with a range of smart features. These include a keyless start system allowing you to start your scooter without needing to insert the key, as well as a specially developed acoustic alarm system that keeps your scooter safe by warning of any attempt to use it without authorisation.

TiSTO features

Smart ride

An LCD display provides an overview of all your scooter’s important information – from speed to battery charge level – so you can see everything you need at a glance while driving.

Then, keep your devices at full power with an integrated USB charging port, listen to music safely with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker, and operate all controls directly from the steering handlebars.

f e a t u r e s
TiSTO features

Top-of-the-range batteries

TiSTO scooters use high-quality lithium-ion batteries that guarantee long life, safety and reliability. These batteries effectively improve the performance of the vehicle, while offering an incredible range of up to 130 kilometres on a single charge, meaning you’ll never be stuck short of where you need to go.

TiSTO features

Ride with power

You can be assured of top performance for years to come, with a battery lifespan of up to eight years and more than 1,800 charging cycles.

What’s more, the batteries are replaceable, easily removable and highly portable. With a charging time of around five hours, that means you can simply remove them from your scooter, charge them in your home or office while you go about your business, and pick them up again ready to go whenever you need them.

TiSTO features

Smart electric scooter

Highly efficient and environmentally friendly wheel hub motors from Bosch produce no CO2 emissions whatsoever and offer full torque from the start, which guarantees you full power as soon as you get moving.

TiSTO scooters also feature high-quality hydraulic disc brakes, which offer improved control and braking power, and excellent reliability. Braking distance is also reduced, giving you extra safety and peace of mind as you ride.

You can further maximise your electric scooter’s efficiency with different built-in driving moods. Switch to Eco modeand significantly reduce consumption for an economical and particularly environmentally conscious ride, or maximise performance in Sport mode.

a c c e s s o r i e s


Add style and functionality to your new electric scooter with our range of TiSTO accessories, perfectly designed to complement your riding experience.

Keep yourself safe on the road and accent your style with a TiSTO rear box, or add a windscreen, smartphone holder, or additional storage options to ensure you always have what you need when you need it.

b e n e f i t s


Save time and money

Switching to a TiSTO electric scooter makes getting around quicker and cheaper than ever before.

Skip the hours you might have spent waiting in traffic or looking for a parking spot: on an electric scooter you’ll breeze past stuck cars and park close to your destination, getting there faster and more relaxed.

You’ll also save money every time you ride, spending as little as 20% in electricity to charge your scooter compared to what you would otherwise pay in fuel.

Plus, with fewer moving parts and robust, long-lasting mechanics, you can also expect a similar reduction in your regular maintenance costs, meaning a TiSTO scooter will be helping your pocket for years to come.

Eco friendly travel

Do your part for the planet by switching to an electric scooter: with a 100% electric motor and high-performance lithium-ion battery, a TiSTO scooter means zero CO2 and other polluting emissions whenever you ride. Even factoring in the energy used in manufacturing, an electric scooter has a carbon dioxide output nearly seven times less than a car over the vehicle’s lifespan!

The energy used to charge your electric motorbike is also a lot more carbon neutral than fuel and is getting cleaner and greener by the year as renewable energy sources come further to the fore.

You’ll even be helping to cut down noise pollution with the silent, vibration-free riding experience TiSTO scooters promise.

Style and power

TiSTO scooters combine classic styles and modern twists for a unique, eye-catching look – with tons of colour and customisation options to ensure you get an electric scooter that truly reflects you.

Our scooters have simple controls and a compact, lightweight structure that is convenient and perfectly designed for urban commuting.

All that comes without sacrificing power, with a top speed of up to 75 km/hour, rapid acceleration and a range of up to 130 kilometres to keep you going all day.

electric vehicle grant

Save up to €3,000!

Get your new TiSTO electric scooter cheaper than ever thanks to a government grant scheme aimed at promoting the use of small electric vehicles for urban mobility, reducing traffic on the roads, and cutting down on emissions.

When you buy any of the electric scooters in our TiSTO range, you’ll immediately benefit up to a grant of €2,000.

What’s more, you can also get an additional grant of €500 if you scrap a motorcycle older than 10 years when you register your new electric scooter, or a grant of €1,000 if you scrap a car or light van.

Applying for the grant couldn’t be easier, and we’ll guide you through any questions you may have. Start your savings as soon as you buy, and look forward to even more as you ride!

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Clean environment

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With a diverse range of battery-powered scooters, all Silence e-motors benefit from a ‘click-and-go’ portable battery system, enabling convenient charging on the go.
The powerful electric motors provide instant torque for smooth effortless acceleration, whilst regenerative braking ensures maximum energy efficiency.




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